Stati d'Animo directly references the trilogy of paintings (1911-12) by the Futurist artist Boccioni that addressed the mixture of dynamism, chaos, and anxiety that the development of the modern city of the early 20th century provoked. His work centred on the railway station. In this work, the international airport has replaced Boccioni's railway station as the principal nexus of human movement, of arrivals, departures and farewells.

This work, which was made between 2004-2011, exists in several forms – as stills, as cinema projection and as single and multi-channel installations

Stati d'Animo 2005

Videographs - a series of still images (Seconds) and a 3-channel video installation (60 Seconds)....More

Stati d'Animo 2006-2011

A short film (25 min). ...More

States of Mind/Stati d'Animo 2007 - a 3-channel video installation with stereo sound. Duration 25:00.

Stati d’Animo/60 Seconds/07 - single-channel video installation, acrylic sheet. Stereo sound. Duration 4:15.... More